CD to Mp3 converter

If you have quite a lot of old Audio CD collections and wanted to listen those songs in mobile, iPod or iPad. Then you need a tool to rip the audio files from CD to mp3. There are quite a lot of free tools available.

Do you know that the same thing can be achieved using windows? Yes, Windows Media Player that comes with windows operating system can very much rip your Audio CD songs to mp3.

I stumbled upon this post/guide on how to convert to mp3 from Audio CD. Hope it helps


Itunes is the best!!

I guess most of us use windows media player for listening music in our desktop if it is windows. WMP (Window Media Player) is good for most part, but it is very slow and lacks features, There are lot of other options available like.

  1. VLC Player
  2. Winamp
  3. Media Monkey

Of the best, I will recommend ITunes from apple. It is sleek, good quality, easy playlist, CD/DVD Burning.

The only drawback is, it is bit heavy, and have to update the patches very frequently. Each of the patch are bit huge like around 50MB.

I have burned audio / mp3 cd, it is a pleasure experience with very little settings to be changed.

You can also watch video in ITunes. The audio and video quality is excellent.

You can also buy apps / songs using ITunes Store.

You have the Genius feature, based on the playlist and the type of songs you listen, Genius recommends the next set of songs that will go together.

Try it apple will not let you down!!