What’s new in Android L

In Google I/O Key note, Pichai introduced the latest Android OS code named “L”. L stands for Lollipop, just a guess, but we will come to know about it. Here are the some of the key features:

1. Material Design:

Google is moving to this latest design approach. This will help developers come up with a new style for the apps. The new design will have changes to the look and feel of the app (Shadow, Color palette, animations,…). This will give more flexibility for the developers in designing their app.

2. ART

They have dumped Dalvik engine and moved to something they call ART (Android Runtime).

USP’s are Better garbage collections, new improved developer tools.

3. Safari

Search for contents in web as well in Apps. This surely is going to be something to watch for! Android is orienting itself to “All Web” mantra and may move out of native apps.

Couple of  other features like wearables, TV, Auto & Health was also introduced.

With un-organized OEM providers, i’m not sure how many will have this new OS upgrade? Again, this will be for high end smartphones like Nexus, Samsung S5, Note II..

What about other phones??


Daily Android Apps

If you are using a android phone, then there are quite a lot of good free apps available.


This is one of my personal favorites, Very minimalistic, but has all the functions needed. I have stopped using Facebook (Desktop Version)


Quite good, but lacks functionalities compared to desktop version, but still good to connect with your professional network on the go.

Google Reader

A very good app and very close to the desktop version. Right & Left swipe are cool.


A very good noting app. You can take Text as well as Voice notes.

Drop Box

File sharing app, Instant synching of files from different channels.


Apps for Gmail Desktop version, The only disadbantages is you need to refreshing (Synching) to get the latest emails. But over all very good app. Sending email with attachments is super easy.

Angry Birds

Popular App for gaming. A very good stress buster. Time killer.