Secure your Ip address with Hotspot Shield

If you are looking for a solution where you want to have some privacy on the Ip-address of your PC/Laptop. Then Hotspot Shield is your best solution.

Following are the benefits of using Hotspot Shield.

  1. Protect your Ip address so that any anonymous user cannot find it.
  2. You can morph your ipaddress with the one in USA or UK.
  3. Byepass firewall.

Before using the Hotspotshield following were my systems / internet details.


After enabling Hotspot Shield the country is changed as well as ipaddress.


The best purpose of this tool will be:

Let say you are working in USA for some reason you are travelling out of your home country and if there are any USA specific websites which you want to access , then Hotspot Shield is your best bet.

Mobile as WIFI hotspot (Tethering) access Internet


If you do not have a internet connection at home or while travelling using laptop. You will have no options right! Not to worry. If you have smart phone with a internet connection (2G, 3G, 4G) then you can use your mobile phone as wireless hotspot. This is called “Mobile Tethering”.

You can connect your laptop, another mobile phone, IPAD or any tablets which has WIFI capability and access internet.

This could be a life saver when you are travelling and wanted to connect to internet from your laptop.

I will show the options available in my Samsung phone (Android OS). This steps may vary based on the handsets that you are using.

Enable internet access in your phone (incase if it is not enabled)


Tap on Wireless and network


Tap Tethering


Tap mobile AP


Tap Ok


See if the green checkbox is checked.


Tap Configure mobile AP


Tap WPA2 PSK for setting password for your WIFI hotspot.


Enter a name in Network SSID and give a password and tap Save.


You are all set. In your laptop or your tablet, check if the wireless hotspot is displayed (Network SSID) connect to it and provide the password.

If you have good data plan, then I guess you can switch over to this instead of broadband connection. But still it may have its own limitations. Check if your service provider is charging for Tethering data.

Pocket App for Mobile and Desktop

Lot would have already been discussed about this app / Plugin (Pocket – formerly called ReadItLater. This is an amazing app that keeps my reading websites across devices.

I have this in my Firefox plugin as an Addon in my laptop. As I visit new website which grabs my attention, I add that in the Pocket reading List. I have installed the android version in my mobile. So on the go what ever website I have added in the reading list before I continue reading it. When I use my IPad I continue with the same reading list.

It is also has a offline viewing feature. Were the website is downloaded for offline viewing when there is no Internet connection.

ubiquitous computing at its best!!

Camscanner for mobile

Gone are the days where we use a scanner for scanning a document for softcopy. Things have changed. If you are using a smart phone or tablet, let it be Android or IOS, Camscanner will replace your scanner.

i have been using in my smart phone and IPAD. It works like a charm!

The way it identifies if it is a photo or document is excellent. It adds magic colour to the document.

It can even process OCR.

It has lot of options of saving/sharing the scanned document. You can convert the document into a image or pdf. It also has options of sharing it through email, fax it or share it to any free upload facility website.

Here is a sample document that was scanned.


You can use this for scanning your day to day bills, prescriptions, documents for filing and what not.

It also allows to save it as pdf.

Itunes is the best!!

I guess most of us use windows media player for listening music in our desktop if it is windows. WMP (Window Media Player) is good for most part, but it is very slow and lacks features, There are lot of other options available like.

  1. VLC Player
  2. Winamp
  3. Media Monkey

Of the best, I will recommend ITunes from apple. It is sleek, good quality, easy playlist, CD/DVD Burning.

The only drawback is, it is bit heavy, and have to update the patches very frequently. Each of the patch are bit huge like around 50MB.

I have burned audio / mp3 cd, it is a pleasure experience with very little settings to be changed.

You can also watch video in ITunes. The audio and video quality is excellent.

You can also buy apps / songs using ITunes Store.

You have the Genius feature, based on the playlist and the type of songs you listen, Genius recommends the next set of songs that will go together.

Try it apple will not let you down!!

Daily Android Apps

If you are using a android phone, then there are quite a lot of good free apps available.


This is one of my personal favorites, Very minimalistic, but has all the functions needed. I have stopped using Facebook (Desktop Version)


Quite good, but lacks functionalities compared to desktop version, but still good to connect with your professional network on the go.

Google Reader

A very good app and very close to the desktop version. Right & Left swipe are cool.


A very good noting app. You can take Text as well as Voice notes.

Drop Box

File sharing app, Instant synching of files from different channels.


Apps for Gmail Desktop version, The only disadbantages is you need to refreshing (Synching) to get the latest emails. But over all very good app. Sending email with attachments is super easy.

Angry Birds

Popular App for gaming. A very good stress buster. Time killer.

How to download Youtube videos?

I guess most of us use youtube very regularly. If you find a good video and want to download and view it offline. There are lot softwares available one that works very well is

The tool is very simple to use.

Download & Install the software, If needed restart the browser.

Goto a particular youtube video which you want to download.


Select the Format you want.

Download and watch it offline.

You can also use VLC player to watch the videos offline.

VLC supports all formats.

Want to create Images?

If you are a windows User, there is very little option for Image creation other than Adobe Photoshop which is not a free tool. If you want something similar to Adobe Photoshop, but for free then GIMP is the right choice.

GIMP (The GNU Image Program).


The image creation follows the layer concept. Where each changes that you add to the image can be done on layer. If you are not satisfied with a particular change, then you can delete the layer.

Create a New Image



Create a New Layar


Now Create a Text Banner.


Increase the Font size to 55 and select the Color as Blue.


Click on the Move Tool to come out of Text Tool.


Right click on the Text, Filter, Light & Shadow, Drop Shadow.



Save as PNG or JPEG.


Give a proper name and click Export.


Click Ok


Open the Image in any image viewer.


This is just a tip of an iceberg. There are lot of cool things that can be done using GIMP. Give it a try!.