Venkat Srinivasan

I’m Venkat Srinivasan, IT Architect by profession and blogger by passion based out of Chennai, India. I have been a consumer for most part of my life. There were endless list of websites which made my life easier by solving many of my critical problems. Internet is such a useful tool when used properly will give us excellent results.

My main idea behind starting this blog (www.mylucky5.com) is to share and give back all my learning to the WWW. May be the above sentences is bit overboard, but still the whole purpose is that!

A sample example is a amateur video that i posted in youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=403pLP4PNF8) on how to open a can using Can opener which currently has around 95000 hits. How this happened? I had solved a problem and i shared the solution.

I’m also a regular contributor for experts-exchange.com (@svenkats) and stackoverflow.com (srivenky)

Off late i started loving Mobile apps and started developing apps in Android. Hope i start publishing it free in Google Playstore.

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