Javascript coding standards

If you are looking for coding standards in Javascript for doing code review or for your self-improvement. Then, you are in the right place.

Following are some of the gem website which provides information on the Standards and best practices for Javascript. Strictly following this will help you learn good javascript and be a good coder.

These are my collections and may not be exhaustive, i will update it as and when i can.


Books for developers

If you are looking for some good resources to master your development skills, the following link has a exhaustive list of book recommendation, specifically on Programming, Design and Architecture.

This is the list prepared by Chris Maunder, who has co-founded is one of the best resource for technical information, specific to programming language, design and architecture. They cover brief as well as in-depth information on best known technologies. I had subscribed to their new letter which is one the best source for my daily tech needs.