Apple Siri – means laugh in tamil

Apple’s Siri is one of the path breaking software inventions. I wanted to try this myself today. I upgraded my iPad 3 to iOS 6. I know I don’t have a American accent. But still I thought I could get some of the popular searches working.

It was real fun and I had my day..

Ok. Back to some story..Siri in Tamil language(chennai India) means laugh. I had my laugh which is justifiable…

I searched for popular here in is the output.


Next I searched for sachin tendulkar. What I got


Ok. I will try my luck again. This time amitabh Bachan what I got??


I was surprised Siri works well with full sentences.. With apple which has big customer base in India, I guess they need to be more global. Lets wait and watch.

Secure your Ip address with Hotspot Shield

If you are looking for a solution where you want to have some privacy on the Ip-address of your PC/Laptop. Then Hotspot Shield is your best solution.

Following are the benefits of using Hotspot Shield.

  1. Protect your Ip address so that any anonymous user cannot find it.
  2. You can morph your ipaddress with the one in USA or UK.
  3. Byepass firewall.

Before using the Hotspotshield following were my systems / internet details.


After enabling Hotspot Shield the country is changed as well as ipaddress.


The best purpose of this tool will be:

Let say you are working in USA for some reason you are travelling out of your home country and if there are any USA specific websites which you want to access , then Hotspot Shield is your best bet.

Chennai Transportation–How to Travel in Chennai?


Chennai is one of the metro cities in India. It is closest to the Sea (marina beach). The Transport system in Chennai is much better compared to other states. Not many people may agree that, but the transportation is well planned one.

Chennai primarily has the following transportation operated by Govt .

Metropolitan transport Corporation a.k.a MTC

Ordinary BusDelux BusVolvo Bus
Suburban Trains (Electric Train)

Suberban Train

Mass rapid Transit Systems a.k.a MRTS


Private Transport

There are also quite a number of private transports


Share Auto

  share auto
Mini vans

mini van

Call Taxi’s

call taxi
Riksha’s (Very rarely Seen)




The below link has extensive details. The best part is you can buy a “Travel As You Please Ticket”
which will cost you Rs.30/- (at the time of writing). You can board any bus at any boarding point.

MTC buses comes with ordinary, deluxe & Air-conditioned bus. Air-conditioned Volvo bus is far better that the other two.

Suburban Trains
The electric trains connects the North Chennai to South Chennai. The quickest way to reach any destination is by this mode. You may not expect a metro style trains, but these are old fashioned / built electric trains.

Train timings from Chennai beach To Tambaram

Train timings from Tambaram to Chennai Beach,2,325


This is called Sky Rail. Something similar to metro trains. This is not popular when compared to the Suburban Trains, but still lot many people use it. Nowadays this is not maintained properly. Be cautious while travelling in this. The no of commuters is very less. Some of the stations has deserted look.

Chennai beach to velacherry / velacherry to Chennai beach

Call taxi’s

If you are not comfortable going on an Auto / Share auto / Mini Van, then this is the right transport for you. You will have your privacy as you will not be sharing your ride. The rates are bit on the higher side when compared to the other transport.

Fast Track (+91-44-28889999)
Bharathi (28142233)

if you need an exhaustive list, visit the following site

Share Auto / Mini Van

These transport can be used for quick short ride. The rates are very cheap. The only downside is you need to share your ride. More over you may not have the luxury of getting comfortable seating…


One major thing in all these transport is security. You need to be very careful with your belongings and use your common sense while utilizing this transport for late nights travel. Do not carry heavy cash.

But in general the people are very friendly, if the authorities in either of these transport do not help you, the best option is to get
help from fellow passengers. They will guide you and you do not have to pay them. You will get lot of free advices 🙂

Mobile as WIFI hotspot (Tethering) access Internet


If you do not have a internet connection at home or while travelling using laptop. You will have no options right! Not to worry. If you have smart phone with a internet connection (2G, 3G, 4G) then you can use your mobile phone as wireless hotspot. This is called “Mobile Tethering”.

You can connect your laptop, another mobile phone, IPAD or any tablets which has WIFI capability and access internet.

This could be a life saver when you are travelling and wanted to connect to internet from your laptop.

I will show the options available in my Samsung phone (Android OS). This steps may vary based on the handsets that you are using.

Enable internet access in your phone (incase if it is not enabled)


Tap on Wireless and network


Tap Tethering


Tap mobile AP


Tap Ok


See if the green checkbox is checked.


Tap Configure mobile AP


Tap WPA2 PSK for setting password for your WIFI hotspot.


Enter a name in Network SSID and give a password and tap Save.


You are all set. In your laptop or your tablet, check if the wireless hotspot is displayed (Network SSID) connect to it and provide the password.

If you have good data plan, then I guess you can switch over to this instead of broadband connection. But still it may have its own limitations. Check if your service provider is charging for Tethering data.

Pocket App for Mobile and Desktop

Lot would have already been discussed about this app / Plugin (Pocket – formerly called ReadItLater. This is an amazing app that keeps my reading websites across devices.

I have this in my Firefox plugin as an Addon in my laptop. As I visit new website which grabs my attention, I add that in the Pocket reading List. I have installed the android version in my mobile. So on the go what ever website I have added in the reading list before I continue reading it. When I use my IPad I continue with the same reading list.

It is also has a offline viewing feature. Were the website is downloaded for offline viewing when there is no Internet connection.

ubiquitous computing at its best!!

Camscanner for mobile

Gone are the days where we use a scanner for scanning a document for softcopy. Things have changed. If you are using a smart phone or tablet, let it be Android or IOS, Camscanner will replace your scanner.

i have been using in my smart phone and IPAD. It works like a charm!

The way it identifies if it is a photo or document is excellent. It adds magic colour to the document.

It can even process OCR.

It has lot of options of saving/sharing the scanned document. You can convert the document into a image or pdf. It also has options of sharing it through email, fax it or share it to any free upload facility website.

Here is a sample document that was scanned.


You can use this for scanning your day to day bills, prescriptions, documents for filing and what not.

It also allows to save it as pdf.