Mobile as WIFI hotspot (Tethering) access Internet


If you do not have a internet connection at home or while travelling using laptop. You will have no options right! Not to worry. If you have smart phone with a internet connection (2G, 3G, 4G) then you can use your mobile phone as wireless hotspot. This is called “Mobile Tethering”.

You can connect your laptop, another mobile phone, IPAD or any tablets which has WIFI capability and access internet.

This could be a life saver when you are travelling and wanted to connect to internet from your laptop.

I will show the options available in my Samsung phone (Android OS). This steps may vary based on the handsets that you are using.

Enable internet access in your phone (incase if it is not enabled)


Tap on Wireless and network


Tap Tethering


Tap mobile AP


Tap Ok


See if the green checkbox is checked.


Tap Configure mobile AP


Tap WPA2 PSK for setting password for your WIFI hotspot.


Enter a name in Network SSID and give a password and tap Save.


You are all set. In your laptop or your tablet, check if the wireless hotspot is displayed (Network SSID) connect to it and provide the password.

If you have good data plan, then I guess you can switch over to this instead of broadband connection. But still it may have its own limitations. Check if your service provider is charging for Tethering data.