Chennai Transportation–How to Travel in Chennai?


Chennai is one of the metro cities in India. It is closest to the Sea (marina beach). The Transport system in Chennai is much better compared to other states. Not many people may agree that, but the transportation is well planned one.

Chennai primarily has the following transportation operated by Govt .

Metropolitan transport Corporation a.k.a MTC

Ordinary BusDelux BusVolvo Bus
Suburban Trains (Electric Train)

Suberban Train

Mass rapid Transit Systems a.k.a MRTS


Private Transport

There are also quite a number of private transports


Share Auto

  share auto
Mini vans

mini van

Call Taxi’s

call taxi
Riksha’s (Very rarely Seen)




The below link has extensive details. The best part is you can buy a “Travel As You Please Ticket”
which will cost you Rs.30/- (at the time of writing). You can board any bus at any boarding point.

MTC buses comes with ordinary, deluxe & Air-conditioned bus. Air-conditioned Volvo bus is far better that the other two.

Suburban Trains
The electric trains connects the North Chennai to South Chennai. The quickest way to reach any destination is by this mode. You may not expect a metro style trains, but these are old fashioned / built electric trains.

Train timings from Chennai beach To Tambaram

Train timings from Tambaram to Chennai Beach,2,325


This is called Sky Rail. Something similar to metro trains. This is not popular when compared to the Suburban Trains, but still lot many people use it. Nowadays this is not maintained properly. Be cautious while travelling in this. The no of commuters is very less. Some of the stations has deserted look.

Chennai beach to velacherry / velacherry to Chennai beach

Call taxi’s

If you are not comfortable going on an Auto / Share auto / Mini Van, then this is the right transport for you. You will have your privacy as you will not be sharing your ride. The rates are bit on the higher side when compared to the other transport.

Fast Track (+91-44-28889999)
Bharathi (28142233)

if you need an exhaustive list, visit the following site

Share Auto / Mini Van

These transport can be used for quick short ride. The rates are very cheap. The only downside is you need to share your ride. More over you may not have the luxury of getting comfortable seating…


One major thing in all these transport is security. You need to be very careful with your belongings and use your common sense while utilizing this transport for late nights travel. Do not carry heavy cash.

But in general the people are very friendly, if the authorities in either of these transport do not help you, the best option is to get
help from fellow passengers. They will guide you and you do not have to pay them. You will get lot of free advices 🙂