Books for developers

If you are looking for some good resources to master your development skills, the following link has a exhaustive list of book recommendation, specifically on Programming, Design and Architecture.

This is the list prepared by Chris Maunder, who has co-founded is one of the best resource for technical information, specific to programming language, design and architecture. They cover brief as well as in-depth information on best known technologies. I had subscribed to their new letter which is one the best source for my daily tech needs.


What’s new in Android L

In Google I/O Key note, Pichai introduced the latest Android OS code named “L”. L stands for Lollipop, just a guess, but we will come to know about it. Here are the some of the key features:

1. Material Design:

Google is moving to this latest design approach. This will help developers come up with a new style for the apps. The new design will have changes to the look and feel of the app (Shadow, Color palette, animations,…). This will give more flexibility for the developers in designing their app.

2. ART

They have dumped Dalvik engine and moved to something they call ART (Android Runtime).

USP’s are Better garbage collections, new improved developer tools.

3. Safari

Search for contents in web as well in Apps. This surely is going to be something to watch for! Android is orienting itself to “All Web” mantra and may move out of native apps.

Couple of  other features like wearables, TV, Auto & Health was also introduced.

With un-organized OEM providers, i’m not sure how many will have this new OS upgrade? Again, this will be for high end smartphones like Nexus, Samsung S5, Note II..

What about other phones??


Selfy – a new lingo

Taking pictures of one self is cool and something that most of the people do. The advent of facebook, Twitter and Instagram, every one wanted to show their self image in the social platform. This is not new, but the termed that is coined for this is new. It is called “Selfy” “Selfie”. Selfy is taking their own picture and sharing it in social platform. To take a selfie all you need is a camera, which i guess every one has one these days.

Let the Selfie bring in some likes to your profile!!


Google Shopping Festival 2013

Google has website for it shopping festival for indian users and is online from 11th Dec 2013 – 14 Dec 2013. The site can be accessed from here.

The have joined partners with lot of major online shopping website like Jabong, SnapDeal etc. They also give you  additional discount (upto 40%) and also have cashback for specific cards and specific amount.

The biggest deals are on Sunglasses and watches. Its fin time for shopaholic!!


Bitcoin- The Digital Money for BlackFriday Deals

Bitcoin is becoming a new trend these days as an alternative for Payment modes like Creditcard, DebitCard, Paypal and e-Wallet. It has been so popular that now the customers can / are redeeming it for the BlackFriday deals in US. There is lot of scope for this type of payment transaction to become the next happening thing.

If you want to understand how Bitcoin works checkout this site. it has extensive details on Bitcoin and its usage.

5 iPad apps for professionals


Excellent app for writing mathematical calculation. Just type the maths, and the app can understand what you typed and converts into proper digits and symbols.

    Haiku deck

A quick app to create Microsoft type PowerPoint slides. You are given options for various templates to choose.

    File app

iPad doesn’t have a file explorer. If you want to check on the files available in your iPad, then this app is for you. It shows various type of files available in iPad


Need a quick app for your drawing solution, then Draw is the app you should look out for. You create a quick diagram with the stencils with different colors.

    Khan academy

Need some quick coaching classes. Khan academy is for you. There are quite a few video lessons to enhance your skills.