is Java free?

Java used to be favourite programming language for most of the developers. It was initially developed by sun microsystems. Oracle then took over Sun micro systems. Java used to be free till version 8 (Java 8). But Oracle has changed it license agreements recently. Following link provides clarity on the terms and condition to use Java. Following are free Java alternatives.

TILT#3 Installing minikube in VirtualBox ubuntu

The following post gives a brief description on how to install minikube in an Virtual Box environment.

Login to your ubuntu VM from your virtual box and follow the commands

sudo apt-get install virtualbox

Cd /usr/local/bin
curl -Lo minikube

chmod +x minikube

Install docker

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get remove docker docker-engine

sudo apt install

sudo systemctl start docker
sudo systemctl enable docker

minikube --vm-driver=none start